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Digital Array Research Tool (DART) Development Kit

Board Form-Factors Features Specification
Main Carrier Board 3U VPX 1.00 Inch slot spacing
Backplan Interface / Connection VITA-65 with 12V power option
Optical Interface VITA-66.4 for Tx and Rx
AuxClk, SystemREF, SystemSYNC, Trigger VITA-67.1 coax input
Cooling Form fitted conduction cooling plate
RF Daughter Board FMC
Main Carrier Board Features Specification
Main Processor Intel Arria 10GX 1150 FPGA
Optical Ports x2 Samtec Firefly 12 lanes each
Synthesizer TI LMK04828
On-Board Crystal Oscillator Pletronics SM5545TEX 100MHz
Memory 8GB Micron HiLo DDR4-2666
Debugging and Firmware Update JTAG interface
RF Daughter Board Features Specification
ADC x4 TI ADS54J54 (Quad-channel 14bit, 500Msps)
DAC x4 TI DAC37J84 (Quad-channel 16bit 1.6Gsps)
RF Connector Samtec 180pin RF front-end connector
Phase-Noise -90dBc/Hz @ 100Hz, -135dBc @ 100kHz
Clock Dividers x2 TI CDCLVP1208
Stand Alone Backplane Board Features Specification
Ethernet Ports x2 100Base-T
Global Addressing Configuration Switch VITA-46/65
System Reset Switch VITA-46/65
Optical Interface (Tx and Rx) VITA-66.4
Power Supply Input ATX
Configuration Bus 12C Bus
External Inputs (AuxClk, SystemREF, SystemSYNC, Trigger) VITA-67.1
FPGA I/O Debugging and Testing Samtec TSW 40pin Digital Header

The Digital Array Research Tool (DART) concept started at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL) in support of the Office of Naval Research. With the current demand for digital phased array systems development, a rapid lab-to-production solution is required. The DART Development Kit answers that call!

The cost of transition from lab-to-production is minimal and the cost of production is quite reasonable, leading to a faster time to market with advanced capabilities.

With the rapid growth in both commercial wireless infrastructure using MIMO and the adaptation of digital phased array for various applications such as weather, imaging, remote sensing, and other research areas. The DART truly answers the call for demanding applications.

The compact form factor enables options to scale from single to a farm of DART board based on the VPX backplane. Built-in optical interfaces maximizes the data bandwidth and integrity at high speed, which is where the digital phased array architecture is headed.

DART Development Kit comes complete with a board support package (BSP). Please contact us directly to find out more.

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